The Quotable Les Miles was born out of a simple observation - LSU head football coach Les Miles says some interesting things in unusual ways. The site is intended to provide a little glimpse inside the mind of one of college football’s highest-paid coaches.

What? - A collection of media quotes from LSU head football coach Les Miles. Visitors simply click along to see the quotes. Social sharing is also a key component to the site’s design and functionality. We want people to send quotes along to their friends.

Why? - Les Miles says interesting things. Perhaps he merely represents “coach speak”, but he seems to be a rare surviving example of a guy who sounds like an old-school simple-minded football coach working at the highest levels of the sport. The owner of Bet-R Sites is an LSU fan and a former journalist, so Miles’ way of speaking is something that’s been noticed by him for a long time. It’s about time the world had a strong collection of Les Miles quotes.

How? - The core of the site is good old-fashioned Internet digging. There’s no automated way to find just the interesting quotes, so we read and continue to read a lot of old and new articles featuring Miles quotes.

When? - The site was launched in March, 2010.

Dev Tidbits - One of the more interesting aspects of the site is the need to accommodate quotes of different lengths into a nice-looking display. To do that, we calculate the line length of the quote and serve up one of six different quote bubble / Les picture combinations based on the length. No real gee-whiz stuff there; just an aspect of development we hadn’t run into before. The content itself is served through a pretty basic database / PHP setup, with the most critical aspect being code that runs a visitor through all of the quotes without repeats that avoids thinks like setting cookies.