This is Muggn’s hot little sister. The idea for the site came about real quickly after the Muggn project began. It didn’t take long to realize a lot of pretty attractive women are arrested in this country. The need for “the world’s hottest mugshots” was clear, and Mughots was born.

What? - Hot-girl mugshots.

Why? - Why not? The sheer volume of attractive women being booked into county jails demanded it. And we heard that pictures of hot women was somewhat popular on the Internet.

How? - The same process used to make Muggn is used to make Mughots. The pictures simply go into a different bucket. And the site design is much better at Mughots because we used an actual designer.

When? - The site was launched in June, 2009.

Dev Tidbits - Being able to repurpose code is a beautiful thing.