A quick-build reminder that public means public. Evil Bob has been described as the first social-media stalker, which could be true if he were real.

What? - Evil Bob is a Foursquare user who checks in at the homes of people who set up their home as a Foursquare venue and announce their home address through Twitter.

Why? - We were intrigued by experiments in gaming Foursquare’s location services and annoyed by the pointless hysteria around Please Rob Me. Knowing people who broadcast their home address through Foursquare and Twitter, we decided to make a different point.

How? - Evil Bob leverages the Foursquare API to “check in” at venues that are home addresses and that are broadcast through Twitter. Bob selectively checks in at places after searching Twitter for the appropriate clues. A map of the location and links to the Foursquare venue and mayor are then posted on the Evil Bob site.

When? - Evil Bob was released in February, 2010.

Dev Tidbits - The extraordinary thing about this project was how easy it was to put together. Just over 48 hours from coming up with the idea to releasing the site. That is the power of API.