Bet-R Sites makes online things for fun and profit. We develop online strategies and solutions for clients, do for-hire development work and build things on our own to generate advertising revenue and explore the possibilities of the Internet.

Owned and Operated sites in the Bet-R family are:

The Quotable Les Miles
LSU head football coach Les Miles says some interesting things in interesting ways. This site is devoted to preserving his wisdom for future generations.

A community site for East Atlanta. Leveraging the Simple Machines Forum and desperately trying to break its design and function out of the “forum” arena. The Buzz is four years old now and has become a model of online community activism.

Fun with Mugshots, and an exercise in how far Wordpress can be extended and melded with various home-grown MySQL and PHP functions.

A spinoff of Muggn, Mughots focuses on the prettier side of incarceration, featuring mugshots of attractive ladies. You can think of it as a Hot Or Not for booking photos.

Every Night Should Be Saturday Night
Words about LSU football. Some might call it a “blog”.

Derelict Gunslinger
An extension of the book Odyssey of a Derelict Gunslinger and the online home of its author, John B. Camp. Bet-R’s role is site development, site strategy and online marketing in support of the book.

Evil Bob Is Here
A quick-build lesson in what “public” means with Foursquare and Twitter. Leverages the Foursquare API and feeds, the auto-share nature of Twitter and Facebook and Google Maps to illustrate a point.

Cap’n Ken’s Homespun Wisdom
The blog of Bet-R Sites overlord Cap’n Ken; mostly dormant, but the site still serves as a writer’s outlet and a laboratory for search-driven content.
About the Young Fresh Fellows, but not associated with the band. Fandom at its finest, if there was ever any time to work on it. But there isn’t.

Bet-R Sites also owns some domains of dubious interest, including,, and that can be had at the right price. And when Cap’n Ken has some time, he’ll make this site not horrificly ugly and somewhat useful.

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